Who we are

Boost was founded in 2007 with a mission to implement process, systems, structural and behavioural changes in healthcare delivery, in order to improve quality, patient care and performance whilst achieving measurable operational and financial gains. We noticed that nobody offered tailor-made solutions to all four aspects of the change management process simultaneously and that most consultancy firms greatly underestimated the extreme complexity of healthcare.

This insight allowed us to develop a unique approach. We tailor our work to your precise needs. The involvement of doctors, nursing and ancillary staff as well as administrators and managers is key to our approach. After having understood your issues and objectives, we go into the field to ensure we comprehend the real concerns and issues faced by all stakeholders. With them, we then develop pragmatic action plans making real changes where they are needed.

Our unique approach to implementing process, systems, structural and behavioural improvements in healthcare institutions around the world, has earned applause from clients who underline our dedication and commitment to their objectives.